Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inspired by Pinterest- Easy Duct Tape "TOMS" for 18" American Girl Dolls

So I have seen quite a few pictures of this idea on Pinterest. Some are made from scratch and others are similiar to this idea. I decided to go with a ready made shoe, I liked the idea of having a form to work on. It was very easy and I thought they turned out really cute.

Supplies needed:

Pair of plain doll shoes
Duct Tape Sheet
Black Fine Tip Perm. Marker
White sticker paper ( I used just the edge of a labels sheet I had)
Craft knife

Cut out your pieces:
 Check your shoe and make necessary adjustments

Back Piece-  4" x 1"
Front Piece-  3" x 1 3/4"
Overlay-  3" x 1 1/4"
Lining for front ( not shown ) scrap
Small wedge cut from white sticker paper (not shown)


Wrap the back gently stretching tape and smoothing as you go.

Wrap the front, once again gently stretching and smoothing over the front.
Now the overlap (where the foot slides in ) on the front will be sticky on the inside, cut a small scrap and line this spot working from one side to the other. Duct tape stuck to itself is hard to pull off so work carefully.

Now place on your overlay on the front. 
Firmly slide your fingernail all around the shoe where the sides of the shoe meet the sole.
Pressing firmly work all the way around.

Place on your white wedge and with your craft knife ( adults please do this step) trim off the excess tape and then press down firmly to seal the tape to the shoe.

With a fine tip permanent marker you can make small seam marks to accent the shoe.
And your done, a fun and easy project and great for duct tape scraps !

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