Monday, August 17, 2015

Make It Monday! Add Gem Crystals To Your Dolls Outfits To Create Fun New Looks!

Karen here and I just picked up a really fun tool and kit to add gem crystals to my dolls clothing! This heat seat tool and gem crystals are a fun way to decorate your dolls clothing and give them a new look!

To create an outfit like the one I made for Ruthie pictured above you will need:
-A Rhinestone Setter hot fix applicator or Tulip Glam It Up Cordless heat set tool
-Glam It Up Iron On Crystals
-A Doll Outfit I used a Springfield Doll Tank Top and Pair of shorts.
-Recycled Cardboard

Step 1- If you are using a Rhinestone Setter with a cord, choose the right tip, screw it into place and then plug it in and turn it on to heat up.
Step 2- Lay out your doll outfit you wish to add the gems too, place a piece of cardboard between the fabric.

Step 3- Place your crystals where you would like them to be, I used a rainbow of colors around the collar of the neck line on the tank top, along the bottom of each short hem and to define where I think pockets should be on this pair of shorts.

Step 4- Use the heat setter and cover the gem crystal with the setter. Count to the recommended seconds for each gem stone and then carefully pull the setter back and work on the remaining gem stones.

Step 5- Once they are all attached to the outfit and set you can place the outfit on your doll!

I hope you have fun adding gem crystals to your dolls outfits, hair accessories, shoes and so much more!
I look forward to sharing more doll craft ideas with you again soon!~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

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