Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pamper Your Pooch-Part 1-Puppy Bed

Any puppy would be happy with a soft fleece bed like this.
As you can see coconut looks quite cute in hers.

Making the Bed

 This is such a fun and easy craft. No sewing required.

Materials needed;
2 -10"x10" pieces of fleece

  • Step 1- Trace a dinner plate approx. 10" diameter, cut out to the inside of your marking so you don't see it.
  • Step 2- Measure 2" in from a side and make a dot. Then make a dot from the other side. Then the other two sides. You should now have four dots each 2" in. Making a square.
  • Step 3- Now cut to the dots and it breaks it into equal quarters. then cut between evenly spacing each tie approx. 1" wide cutting both layers at once.
  • Step 4-Tie the strips together working you way around. Leave one quarter of it open. Gently stuff. You don't want it to puffy or your pup will roll off. Then finish tie the rest.
  • Your done.  Yeah !

Look for Part 2 of Pamper Your Pooch where we will make a Puppy Leash and some Dog Treats.

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