Monday, August 6, 2012

Make It Monday-Turtle Tank

Make it Monday Aug 6th- Make a No Mess Turtle Tank, a great pet for your doll.

For today's Make it Monday craft I wanted to share with you an easy, no mess craft that takes moments to make and costs under $5.

To create today's Make it Monday Craft you will need:
- A small toy turtle, I got mine at our dollar store in a package of 6 for $1, you could also buy small frogs. I chose a turtle but the choice is yours.
- A  Darice Plastic Storage Container display case size 3 inches X 2.375 inches X2.375 inches (I bought mine from Michael's the craft store. You can find them at most hobby and craft stores under $3)
-A piece of blue paper for the water
- A piece of green paper for the background
- A pair of scissors
- A ruler
-A pencil
- 1 to 2 small pieces of bark mulch, a small twig or rock that you find outside

Step 1-  Place your container on it's side on to the blue paper and using your pencil trace the container. Cut out your rectangle. Repeat on the green paper.

Step 2- Slide your blue paper into the bottom of the container, trim it to fit. You can use your ruler to trim 2-3 millimeters off the sides of your paper so that it will fit inside your case.

Step 3- Once your paper is in place, put the bark mulch log or rock inside your container.

Step 4- Put your Turtle on the log or rock and angle it so your Turtle is looking out at your doll.

Step 5- Slide the green paper in behind the turtle to create the background for your tank, then close the lid. Your  Turtle tank is ready for display! Don't forget to name your Turtle!

Place your Turtle tank on your dolls room or somewhere where your doll can enjoy her new pet!
I look forward to sharing more Make it Monday doll crafts with you soon ~ Karen Owen aka Karenmomofthree

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  1. I love this craft!! I'm going to make one if I can find a turtle. I have 2 Ty guinea pigs that I will try to make cages for too. Thanks for the inspiration.