Monday, August 19, 2013

Make It Monday-Slipper Chair and Footstool for Mini American Girl Dolls Craft

 Make it Monday August 19

After spending so much time on Pinterest looking at vintage furniture I thought it would be fun to try to make a slipper Chair and Foot Stool for my mini dolls. Today I will show you how to make your own for your dolls using items you may already have on hand or can easily find at the dollar store.

To make your own Slipper Chair and Foot Stool you will need:
-1 toilet paper tube
-1 cardboard egg carton
-*1 inch square of fiber fill, toilet paper or more felt for the chair cushion.
-Dollar store ribbon, lace and embellishments
-A glue gun
-A Ruler
-A Pencil

Step 1- Use a ruler to make a mark at 1 ½ inches from the end of your toilet tube.
Step 2- Use your scissors to cut down to that line and across 2 inches and back up. This will create your dolls chair back rest

Step 3- Use your scissors to cut out one of the egg cups from your carton. You will slide this cup inside your toilet tube and tape or glue into place.
Step 4- Trim the back rest edges as shown in the photo above

Step 5- Use your felt to cover your chair back starting on the inside as shown above. Use your glue gun to glue the felt in place. Do not glue the back down yet, just the front.
Step 6- Trim the access from the chairs back rest.

Step 7- Cover the bottom of your chair with more of your felt glue into place. Glue the felt to the chair back at the back and sides.

Step 8- Use your lace trim to cover the bottom of your chair to create a chair skirt. Glue as you go starting at the middle back of your chair. Add a ribbon trim to embellish.

Step 9- Cut a 2 inch square from your felt and one 1 inch square of fiber fill.
Step 10- Place the fiber fill on top of your felt, use hot glue to attach the felt to the fiber fill. Use a pencil to press the felt into the fiber fill.
Step 11- Once you have gone all the way around your cushion is ready to glue into place.

Now to create the foot stool
Step 1- Cut another egg cup from your egg carton.
Step 2- Cut a two and a half inch piece of felt and glue around your egg cup as shown in the photo above.
Step 3- Once the felt is glued to the sides fold and glue the remaining felt to the top of the egg cup. Embellish the stool as you did the bottom of the chair.
Step 4- Once the top is covered cut a piece of felt into a circle and glue on top of the folded felt.

Step 5- Add a ribbon bow to the back of the chair and the foot stool with felt.
Once your chair is dry, your dolly can put her feet up!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Make it Monday craft! I look forward to sharing more ideas with you soon. Today I used my mini American Girl Doll Rebecca wearing a dress from Auntie Robin’s Etsy Shop ~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

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