Monday, September 16, 2013

Make It Monday-Gem Stone Glasses for 18" American Girl Doll Craft

 Make it Monday September 16th

For Today’s Make it Monday Craft I was inspired to make embellished gem stone glasses for my dolls like some I have seen on line.  These Gem Stone Glasses took only a few minutes to make and cost under $5. Making them one of my most favorite Make it Monday Crafts Ever!

To create your own Gem Stone Glasses you will need:
-A pair of doll glasses. I used Springfield Glasses I bought at Michael’s the Craft Store
-A Package of small gem stones. (Mine were in the discount bin and cost only 50 Cents with lots of gems left over)
-Super glue or nail glue (I got mine at the dollar store for $1)
-A pair of tweezers
-A tooth pick
-Your Doll

Step 1-   Assemble all your supplies.
Step 2- Place your gem stones where you would like them to be without using the glue. Step 3- Once you are happy with the placement; begin carefully gluing the gem stones in place, one by one. Using a pair of tweezers and a tooth pick to press them into place.

Step 4- Be sure to embellish your glasses on the sides too, I added one larger gem stone in the same colors on the arms of each side of my glasses. Let dry and then try on your doll!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Make it Monday Craft!

 I look forward to sharing more craft ideas with you again soon. 

Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three
Today I used my Springfield Doll Madison as a model.  


  1. Awesome, both of my girls wear glasses (new this year), and they have soon an interest in a doll with, I can make mine own to match their glasses as they are getting dolls from Santa. Ideas for glass cases?