Monday, December 23, 2013

Make It Monday! A No Sew Holiday Dress For Your Doll.

For today's Make It It Monday Post I wanted to show you an easy way to create a no sew holiday party dress for your doll using items from the dollar store or your odd sock drawer.

To Create your own "Off the Shoulder" or "Mock Neck" Dress you will need:
- 1 long sock
-Your Doll
-Buttons and Ribons
-Glue or sewing needle and thread
Step 1- Lay out your sock near your doll and "eye" where you want the dress hem to be. Make a cut along the line the unfinished edge will be the skirt bottom hem.

Step 2- To create an arm hole or two make a small snip about 1 inch from the cuff of the sock for an arm hole. If you want an off the shoulder look skip to step 4.
Step 3- If you would like to have a mock neck dress make another arm hole on the opposite side.

Step 4- Use trim, Ribbon, Yarn, Buttons you have on hand to dress up your holiday dress. The sky is the limit! Glue or hand sew buttons into place and tie a bow with left over ribbon you may have.
I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you have a very enjoyable Holiday Season I will be back with more doll play Make It Monday Crafts in 2014! ~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

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