Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspired By Pinterest: American Girl 18" Doll Sock Bun Tutorial

I see those cute sock buns all over Pinterest, in fact I loved them so much, I made one for my daughter and I out of some socks I bought. We wear our sock buns all the time and they are easy and always look nice. So I decided our dolls could use a cute sock bun too. How hard could it be right ?

Smaller head, smaller sock..... and it worked !

Making the Sock Bun:

Ten inch sock , cut off toe
(I used some socks that no longer had a pair)

Gently roll up from the cut off end
Stretch and smooth as you go along until you have a donut

You can either hot glue the edge down gently or
slip stich in place.

You are now ready to do your dolls hair.
I like to put it in a high ponytail, then place your donut at the ends of the ponytail
Roll down slowly tucking in the ends and smoothing as you go.

And you will end up with a perfect sock bun.
Our models Noelle and Lauren look great with their sock buns
 and are now ready to relax.

Depending on how much hair your doll has that will determine the size
of the finished bun,
as you can see in the picture below.

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