Monday, August 25, 2014

Make Your Doll A Homework Folder

It is Make It Monday and Today I am sharing a Back To School craft I hope you will love! Today I am sharing how to make a Homework Folder using items you may already have on hand.
To make your own you will need:
- Cardboard (Cereal Box or Cracker Box Cardboard work great)
- Duck Tape Brand Duck Tape
- 2 Small Bull Dog Clips
- Glue Gun
- Scrap Paper
-Pencil (doll pencil made from a tooth pick)
Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and plug in your glue gun
Step 2- Measure and cut a piece of cardboard 2 1/2 inches by 5 inches wide
Step 3- Fold your cardboard into the shape of a book, fold in at 2 inches from each end to make your cardboard look like mine.
Step 4- Cover your cardboard both sides with your choice of Duck Tape
Step 5- Tear a strip of Duck Tape 5 inches long from your roll. Fold in the long edge almost to the opposite edge as shown above  this will make the folder pocket for your homework folder. Tape it into place along the sides and press the bottom into place. Trim if you need too.
Step 6- Use your glue gun to glue the small clips into place.
Step 7- Cut scrap paper to fill your clips with mine are cut 1 inch by 2 inches high. Write some Homework questions on your paper and place a doll sized pencil into your folder. Give to your doll for back to school play!
I hope you enjoyed today's Make It Monday Craft! I look forward to sharing more doll play crafts with you soon.~ by Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

Monday, August 11, 2014

Make It Monday! Magnetic Cat Toy For The New American Girl Cat!

I am really excited to share today's Make It Monday craft. Last week my husband picked up the new American Girl cat from the Vancouver American Girl Store for my Niece. My sister said that I could play with the cat and review her first before sending her to my niece in Montreal so I set off to make her cat some cat toys to include when my dad goes to visit them next week. This cat toy is easy to make and the magnetic cat can hold the mouse in it's mouth!

To make your own you will need:
-Kunin felt in grey and pink
-A hot glue gun
-A metal paper clip or Canadian Coin ( I tried the US pennies but they did not attach to the cats magnetic mouth)
-A Marker
-A Ruler

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. Plug in your hot glue gun.
Step 2- cut out three tear shape pieces of grey felt as shown in the photo above. They only need to be as long as your paper clip.
Step 3- Use your glue gun to glue the paper clip or coin into place.
Step 4- Run a line of glue along the outside edge of the tear drop shape and add another tear drop shape felt piece, pressing gently as you go along the glue edge.
Step 5- Repeat on the other edge and add your other piece of felt.
Step 6- Add a line of glue between the open edges of your felt sides you just attached and pinch them closed. leave open the ends for the nose and tail.
 Step 7- Cut a small pink triangle for the mouse nose from your felt, add a dab of glue and gently press it into place.
Step 8- Cut two smaller tear shaped pieces of grey felt for the mouse ears, add glue to each side and press them into place as shown in the photos above.
Step 9- Cut a small think strip of felt for the tail, I used grey but you can use more pink if you like.
Step 10- Use a marker to make an eye on either side of your mouse.

Now your mouse is ready for your dolls cat to play with!
Even if you do not have a magnetic cat you can still make these little mice to use with your stuffed animal cats. Just leave out the paper clip!