Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Make It Monday! Use Phoomp and Felt To Add Personality To Your Hairbands!

Karen here and my order of hairbands from Punch Place Plus arrived and I could not wait to share this craft idea with you!

Punch Place Plus sells packages of wonderful doll hair bands that you can use for your own doll or purchase for a party craft!

To make your own Hairbands with Personality you will need:
- Hairbands for your doll (click here for Punch Place Plus Website)
-Printed fabric felt I used Kunin Felt 60's Floral
-Phoomph For Fabric
Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. Cut out your shape and pattern from your felt.
Step 2- Cut out a piece of Phoomph that is a similar size to your felt shape.
Step 3- Cut out a second piece of felt that is the same size as your Phoomph.
Step 4- Peel back one side of the Phoomph paper exposing the sticky side and place 1 cut out shape of your felt on top with the pattern side up.
Step 5- Trim around your shape as shown in the photo above.
Step 6-Cut a the other piece of felt the same shape as the Phoomph covered piece and place it aside.
Step 7- Decide where you want to position your shape and peel the backing off the other side of your phoomph and stick it in to place.
Step 8- Use the other piece of felt you cut and stick it to the other side pattern side out on the opposite side of your hairband. This covers any sticky parts. Press down along the seems and place in your dolls hair.
I hope you enjoyed today's Make It Monday craft! I look forward to sharing more ideas with you again soon!~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

Monday, April 13, 2015

Make It Monday! Make A Doll Kite!

Karen here and it is Make It Monday! Today I wanted to share an easy way to make a kite for your dolls using Duck Tape Brand Duck Tape, Yarn and Coffee Stir Sticks.

You will need to make your own:
-4 stir sticks
-A roll of Duck Tape
-Your Doll
Step 1- Assemble all your supplies. You will need to find the center of each of your stir sticks. Bend in 2 in half until till they snap as and make the shape of the V as shown in the photo above.

Step 2- Unroll and lay out your Duck Tape from the roll, Make sure your
then lay your two V shapes with ends touching each other on top and centered in your tape;

then place one long stir stick in the center, snap of the end if it is too long and another in half to be the cross piece.

Step 3- Wrap your Duck Tape over your stir sticks as shown in the photo above until your wood is all covered.

Step 4- Unroll a piece of Duck Tape from your roll and tri fold it as show in the photo above left then bend it on each end to create a loop for your dolls hand to fit through so she can hold the kite. Tape it into place on the back side of the kite.
Step 5- Use some yarn and create a kite streamer tail. I made a small tassel and taped it into place at one end of the kite.
Step 6- With the remaining half of the stir stick wrap and knot a piece of yarn to one end and cover it with more tape, This will help your doll hold the kite string. Cut the yarn about 18 inch long. Loop tie the other end to the handled on the underside of the kite you made earlier and your kite is ready to use!
 I hope you enjoyed today's post and are inspired to make and take your doll play outside this Spring.
Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three