Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Styles Coming !!

Be sure to check our website in the coming weeks as we will be posting some new cute outfits , spring clothes and a few summer items too. We wish you all a Happy New Year and thanks for visiting us here at the Daydream blog :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Amazing Holiday Giveaway Winner !!

Congrats to McKenna Brooks for being our Holiday winner. Please contact us ASAP to claim your prize. Thank-you for all those who entered, we have enjoyed doing a doll giveaway so much this year we are going to make it a Christmas tradition every year.

 Check back here in January for our next Doll Outfit Giveaway
Happy Holidays !

Monday, December 17, 2012

Make It Monday-A Holiday Quilt/Pillow

 Make it Monday, A Holiday Quilt/Pillow


Years ago I made a bunch of “quillows” which were throw pillows that when you turned them inside out they would become a blanket; I wanted to try making a doll size one with some holiday fabric I had for my doll, you can use any fabric you want. It is always best to sew from your fabric stash whenever possible. This project was start to finish complete in under 30 minutes.
Here is how to make own for your dolls.

You will need:
-1 piece of 21 inch by 16 inch fabric (for the blanket)
-1 piece of 21 inch by 16 inch fleece or felt (for the blanket)
-1 piece of 6X6 inch piece of fabric (for the pillow pocket)
-1 piece of 6X6 fleece(for the pillow pocket)
-measure tape
-sewing machine

Step 1- Cut out your fabric if you have not already done so. Pin right sides together for both the blanket and the pillow pocket

Step 2- Sew three sides of your pillow pocket, then three sides of the blanket. Turn each right side out
Step 3- Fold the open edges of the pocket in ½ inch then pin into place and top stitch close.

Step 4- Fold the edges of your blanket in ½ inch and pin into place. Sew your blanket closed.
Step 5- Place the 6 inch pocket in the middle of your blanket along the bottom seam and pin into place. Then sew the two sides into place and top stitch along the bottom when done you will be able to fold the blanket into the pocket to create a pillow.

Fold lengthwise, then into the pocket, turn the pocket over the folded blanket and it creates a pillow! Unfold for a blanket for your doll to enjoy.~ By Karen Owen aka Karenmomofthree (My Maplelea Friend Doll “Stacy” was used in today’s post.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thank-you to all our Party Hostesses.

It has been an amazing season for our online parties and we just want to sat thank-you to all of our hostesses for doing a great job. If you want to host a party with us next year, find more information on our website. Thanks again everyone !

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meet the Models at Daydream

So I have not written a post for a little bit because we have been so busy packing orders to make everyone's Holidays a little bit more fun.

I think there will be a lot of smiles come Christmas morning. Anyway , I thought now would be a fun time to post a picture of all the cute dolls that do all of our photos on our website and model the clothes at all the craft shows we do.

Our Dolls: Back left, Grace, Olivia, Kit, Lauren, Belle and Lissie
Front left: Tia, Kaylie, Mia, Julie, Ashley, Marisol, Nikki and Chloe

Be sure to come back and visit Monday for our new Make It Monday post. Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Make It Monday-Knit a Scarf

Make it Monday Dec 3th- Knit a Scarf for your doll for the winter holidays

I wanted to share with you my very simple and easy to knit scarf pattern for dolls. I am a very beginning stage knitter, left handed and I mostly learned from watching Youtube, so if I can do it you can to!
To create a holiday scarf for your dolls this holiday season like mine you will need:
-A pair of size 11 or 8mm knitting needles
-A ruler
-a pair of scissors
-a ball of yarn (I used Pink Ribbon  Eye Lash Yarn from Michaels)

Step 1- cast on 8 stitches. Click the youtube link if you do not know how.( )

Step 2-Continue knitting until your scarf measures 16 inches long. You can count rows but I always loose track! 5 rows of knitting are about 2 inches long,  about 35 rows. You may want to make your scarf longer.

Step 4- Try it on your doll!

I was able to make my scarf in less then 1 hour. I have practiced straight knitting (no fancy patterns) for the last month and I am really happy with how this turned out. The Eyelash Yarn was not as hard to work with as I thought. If you make mistakes you can hardly tell with this yarn which is why I enjoyed working with it.
~by Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three