Monday, June 22, 2015

Make It Monday A Dolly Life Jacket!

Karen here with a fun Make It Monday Craft, A Life Jacket you can make for your dolls.
To make your own you will need.
-A Padded Mailing envelope (10 inches at least)
-A Pencil
-A Marker
-Your Doll
-A Velcro Dot
Step 1- Gather all your supplies and lay your envelope flat. Place your doll on top of the envelope with her neck at the sealed end. Trace her body on the envelope, under her arms and mark where her neck is. Draw a straight line down the center of the envelope at the next line as shown in the photo above.
Step 2- Move your doll and connect the lines you have made so that they resemble a vest. Carefully cut the arms out from the bottom to the top, then cut out the neck. I traced my doll so that the vest will be waist length. Cut straight across the evenlope to create the length of the life jacket.
Step 3- Use your scissors and cut up that center line, be sure to only cut one layer.
Your vest is now ready to try on your doll.

Step 4- Place the vest on your doll and use your eyes to see where you would like to attach the velcro dot. Remove the backing and place on sticky side down and then place the other dot on top and press the top of the vest into place.
Step 5- Use your marker to draw on buckles and a badge.
Now your Dolly Life Vest Is Ready to play with!
***Please note to do not ever really put your doll in the water unless her body is full plastic. It can wreck your doll. This is a pretend life vest and will not save your doll from the water.
I hope you enjoyed today's Make It Monday Craft and I will be back with more doll play craft ideas soon~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Make It Monday Make Your Dolls A Pail To Take To The Beach

Karen here and today I wanted to show you a fun and easy way to make a pail for your dolls to take to the beach.
To make your own you will need:
-Pipe Cleaners
-A Small Plastic Cup
-A Nail or a Pin
Step 1- Gather all your supplies.
Step 2- Twist two pipe cleaners together as shown in the photos above to create the handle. Bend it in half and use scissors at the bend to create 2 handles.
Step 3- Use a push pin to make two holes in the side of your cup on either side.
Step 4- Feed the ends of your pipe cleaner through the hold and bend the pipe cleaners outwards to hold the pail handle in place.

I hope you enjoyed today's Make It Monday Craft I look forward to sharing more craft ideas with you soon!
~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three