Monday, December 17, 2012

Make It Monday-A Holiday Quilt/Pillow

 Make it Monday, A Holiday Quilt/Pillow


Years ago I made a bunch of “quillows” which were throw pillows that when you turned them inside out they would become a blanket; I wanted to try making a doll size one with some holiday fabric I had for my doll, you can use any fabric you want. It is always best to sew from your fabric stash whenever possible. This project was start to finish complete in under 30 minutes.
Here is how to make own for your dolls.

You will need:
-1 piece of 21 inch by 16 inch fabric (for the blanket)
-1 piece of 21 inch by 16 inch fleece or felt (for the blanket)
-1 piece of 6X6 inch piece of fabric (for the pillow pocket)
-1 piece of 6X6 fleece(for the pillow pocket)
-measure tape
-sewing machine

Step 1- Cut out your fabric if you have not already done so. Pin right sides together for both the blanket and the pillow pocket

Step 2- Sew three sides of your pillow pocket, then three sides of the blanket. Turn each right side out
Step 3- Fold the open edges of the pocket in ½ inch then pin into place and top stitch close.

Step 4- Fold the edges of your blanket in ½ inch and pin into place. Sew your blanket closed.
Step 5- Place the 6 inch pocket in the middle of your blanket along the bottom seam and pin into place. Then sew the two sides into place and top stitch along the bottom when done you will be able to fold the blanket into the pocket to create a pillow.

Fold lengthwise, then into the pocket, turn the pocket over the folded blanket and it creates a pillow! Unfold for a blanket for your doll to enjoy.~ By Karen Owen aka Karenmomofthree (My Maplelea Friend Doll “Stacy” was used in today’s post.

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