Friday, July 6, 2012

Hairstyles for Summer

Here are a few fun summer styles to try on your dolls.

Items needed:
Spray Bottle with Water
Hair Ties
Hair Elastics
Metal Brush with Coated Tips

First Style: Wrapped Ponytail

Gently spritz doll hair with water. Gather into low ponytail, leaving a portion underneath out. Secure ponytail with elastic. Wrap remainder of hair around elastic and push through the elastic on bottom of ponytail. Marisol is modeling this look for us.

Style 2: Fun Buns

Gently spritz hair with water. Part down the middle. Brush one side until smooth and then begin to twist into a circle, creating the bun. Secure with elastic. Repeat on other side. Ashley is modeling this look for us.

Style 3: Veil Ponytail

This is my favorite. Gently spritz hair with water, gather two sections in the front on the hair. Secure with elastics. Part each of those sections in half and secure with elastics like picture.(three elastics) Now bring together the middle section to the edge section and secure. (two elastics), and then bring together into one pony and secure. Nikki is modeling this look for us.

Style 4: Side Ponytail

Gently spritz hair with water. gather hair to one side and secure with elastic.

Style 5: Perky Ponytails:

Gather a small section of hair at upper top of head and secure with ponytail. Repeat on other side. Lauren is modeling this look for us.

We look great !

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  1. thanks for the hairstyles - my granddaughters will be thrilled
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