Monday, July 23, 2012

Make it Monday-A Dolly Fishing Game

For Today's Post I thought it would be fun to show you how to make a Dolly Fishing Game from items you may already have at home

To create your own Dolly Fishing Game you will need
- A 12 inch twig or Chopstick
- A pipe cleaner
-A piece of gimp or ribbon at least 20 inches in length
- Scissors
- Tape ( I used double sided tape for less mess)
-Glue (If you are not using double sided tape)
-paper (you can use scrap paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper)
-A pencil
- Paper clips
-A marker
- A ruler

Let's Start with the fish

Step one- Draw a fish shape that measures 2 inches long as shown in the photo above.
Step two- Cut out your fish. Trace your fish shape onto your paper, cut two shapes for one fish.  I cut out 4 fish for the game, so 8 fish.

Step three- On one side of each fish tape a paperclip into place as shown below. You want part of the paper clip to hang out to top.

Step four- Cover the fish with the other piece of paper, if you are not using double sided tape use a bit of glue to hold your paper fish together.

Step five- Use your marker to create a face on your fish on both sides.

Next let's make the fishing rod.

Step one- Measure your twig to 12 inches and break off (skip this step if you are using a chopstick)

Step two- Tie your gimp or ribbon in a double knot at one end of your stick and then repeat at the other end. One knot will have the long string to attach the hook on in a few steps.

Step three- Bend your pipe cleaner in half and cut it. You will save the other piece for a future step.

Step four -wrap one pipe cleaner around the top of your pole as shown. Glue it into place if you wish.

Step five- Use the other piece of pipe cleaner to create the pole's handle for your doll. Twist the pipe cleaner onto the pole like you would tie your shoe, then make a circle with the pipe cleaner ends and twist into place

Step six- Try it on your doll, then remove and make the hook

Step seven- To create the hook, un fold a paper clip, and have an adult help you cut off half at the bend. Then tie the gimp or ribbon in a double knot around the end you just cut. Bend the paperclip carefully over the knot to hold it in place. To create the Hook end bend the metal end up like the letter "U"

Now your game is ready to play.

To play the game, place the fishing rod on your dolls hand and help her "hook" the fish from a bowl or doll sized bucket. I have used a container from the dollar store and turned it upside down. Have fun making your Dolly fishing game and be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you think of today's Make it Monday craft.
~ By Karen Owen aka Karenmomofthree

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