Monday, October 1, 2012

Make It Monday-Jewellery Box Craft

Make it Monday- Jewellery Box for your dolls

One of my favorite crafts is an altered match box. Today I wanted to show you how you can make your own Doll Sized Jewelry box to store your dolls best jewels!

To make today’s craft you will need
-1 empty match box or create your own from this tutorial
 -Tape or glue stick
-scrapbook paper
-1 brad
-4 faux pearls (pony beads work just as well)
-glue gun
-nail or push pin
-* optional ribbon and scrap book slider

Step 1- Measure the outside of your match box on your paper. Use a ruler and pencil to mark your paper. Cut out and wrap the outside of the box. Tape it into place or use a glue stick

Step 2- remove the inside box or drawer from your box. Cover the end edge of one end of your drawer with scrapbook paper. Tape or glue into place.

Step 3- Use a nail or push pin to poke a hole through the center middle of the drawer front for the drawers handle. Remove the pin/nail and replace with a brad. On the inside of your drawer fold the arms back as shown. Replace the drawer in the box.

Step 4- Attach four beads or faux pearls to the bottom of the box using hot glue. Let dry.

Step 5- Optional decorate your box further, I used a piece of ribbon and a scrap book slider,( you could used stickers or more beads if you liked).  Add a dab of hot glue in the center and place your ribbon belt over press down. Turn box over and glue belt ends to the bottom of the box.

Once dry and secure, fill your dolls new Jewellery box with her favorite jewels.
I look forward to sharing more doll crafts with you soon.~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three.