Monday, May 13, 2013

Make It Monday- American Girl 18" Doll Party Set for Dolls Dog

Another wonderful idea from Karen, also if you like this craft be sure to check out our Pamper Your Pooch  Part 1(Puppy Bed) and Part 2(Dog Bone and Leash)

Make it Monday May 13, 2013~ By Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

I recently got the new American Girl catalog and I fell in love with the new Pet Party Set offered. I love my American Girl Doll Pets and Thought that with the last post I did we could create our own Party Set for our Dolls Dogs while we save for the American Girl one for our next trip into the store.
To create your own Party Set like the one I have in the Photo’s above you will need:
-Recycled Cardboard
-glue gun
-Card Stock
-kitchen sponge
-Felt Markers
-A lid from and Orange Juice Jug for the water dish

Step 1- To create your dog’s birthday cake you will need to create a dog bone shaped pattern on paper. My Dog bone shape is three inches long. When you are happy with your shape cut it out and trace it on your cardboard. Cut out two pieces of brown cardboard for your cake top and bottom.

Step 2- Trace your pattern on a sponge and cut out the sponge

Step 3- Plug in your glue gun so it is ready to glue the cardboard to the sponge cut out.
Step 4- Use your felt to decorate your cake, write Happy Birthday and you can add any embellishments you may like. I used pink ribbon and glued it all the way around my cake.

Step 1- To create the wrapped present you will need two pieces of 4 ½ inch square card stock
Step 2- Fold your paper in half and then in half again
Step 3- Open the folds and fold your paper again creating a “grid” pattern on your paper.
Step 4- Use your scissors to cut a slit towards the first seem you created in your grid.

Step 5- Tape your edges to the fold to create a box bottom, repeat on the other card stock and create your box top

Step 6- Place the box top on top of your bottom and then wrap with ribbon and tie shut. Use scrap card stock and stickers to create a birthday card that matches for your dolls dog.  I love the lid from my orange juice, turned upside down, makes the perfect doggy water bowl!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Make it Monday Craft. Today I used my American Girl Doll Ruthie and my American Girl Doll Dog Chocolate Chip. Photographed on my American Doll Room

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