Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Inspired By Pinterest- American Girl 18" Doll Tights from a Ladies Sock Tutorial

So I've seen this idea around for awhile on Pinterest and have been very curious to try it. I do like the flexibility it gives you if you want something unique, as there are 100s of printed socks out there, and it could be quite fun picking out a print.

Also if you are in a crunch and need tights for a gift and don't have time to order online, you can quickly make your own. This is a super fast easy sew. and is a great option to have. Happy Sewing !

Supplies Needed:

One Knee High Woman's Sock (stretchy is good)
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine

Place sock on dolls body.
Pin at crotch.
Pin at feet.

Remove from doll. 
Cut below pin at feet section.

Cut up the side of sock to pin, as shown below.
Repeat on other side.

Open to create legs.
Turn to wrong side.

Pin all around and stitch.
Turn right side out.

Voila ! Done.

Here is Kit showing off her new tights :)


  1. Those are such cute tights!! I've got a post on Craft Gossip scheduled for tonight that links to your tutorial:

  2. Thanks so much, they are a great little project.

  3. Just saw this on Pinterest. Brilliant and so simple!! I'm going to dig through my sock drawer and find any that no longer have mates. Thanks for the idea!

  4. As a grandma I don't have a doll on hand. Could you publish the approximate inches of the crotch and foot seams? I am excited to try this. Thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing couldn't find a pair of fushia tights for my daughters doll to have her doll match her outfit now I'll have a go at making my own thanks!

  6. Thanks, I'll try this as Valentine gifts for my grand daughters' Our Generation dolls.

  7. I've been making these tights for a long time, so simple and look great. What really nice is the top of the sock has that tight stitching, and these tights really come up to the dolls waist and over her backside. Most tights you buy don't fit your American Girl doll very well, they are skimpy in the back and hardly pull up. I get a lot of compliments on my tights. I also make them from women's pant socks, which I buy from thrift stores. I wear plastic gloves when making so I don't snag the nylon fabric before their made. Happy Sewing.

  8. Actually I measure down about 4" from top of sick to crotch of doll. You need to put the sock on her and position it where you want them measure from top of sock, down to crotch area, put a pin. I cut the sock approximately 10.5 inches down, sew across the bottom first, then eyeball the middle and sew up to the pin, sew across about 3-6 stitches and down the other side. Then I cut up the middle of the stitches. You must make sure that you sew at least 1/4" in between the stitches on each side, in order to cut up the middle without cutting the stitching. Happy Sewing.