Monday, February 17, 2014

Make It Monday~ Knit A Cozy Rug For Your Dolls Room

Have you ever gone to the wool or yarn section of any craft or dollar store just to feel the wonderful textures? It is such an addicting thing when you knit or crochet! I just found this "Baby Braid Fringe Yarn" in a soft Lilac color at my dollar store Dollar Giant and I knew once I touched it I had to make a rug for my dolls room! There were several colors available at the store, pink, blue and yellow but the Lilac stole my heart the second my fingers touched it!
To create your own  Cozy Rug for your doll you will need:

-1 ball of Baby-braid fringe yarn the one I used was from Needle Crafters tm
-A Pair of Knitting needles sized 8.0 mm or US 11
-A Ruler
* optional a foam sticker or button to embellish your rug

Step 1- Cast  on 14 stitches
Step 2- Knit every stitch row after row until your "rug" measures 5inches wide by 7 inches long with your ruler

Step 3- Cast off, tie off
Step 4- Embleish
Step 5- Take your dolls shoes off and let her step on this very cozy rug you just made!

Today I used my Extra Special doll Hannah and her dog Chocolate Chip. To find out more about Hannah and Extra Special Dolls you can click here.
I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas with you again soon on Make it Monday!
~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three


  1. I did something similar with some leftover bobble yarn. It doubles as a rug, bed cover, etc. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Chocolate Chip? Perfect name for a dog! Love this craft... I'll let you know how a bunch of Girl Scouts do with it!

  3. Thanks ladies! I had such fun making it!

  4. Thanks for the great idea! I have quite a stash of novelty yarns (I knit a LOT), and I never thought of knitting up rugs for the dolls. This is something my dd can do, too, since she knows how to do simple knitting.