Monday, March 17, 2014

Make It Monday~ Happy St. Patrick's Day! Make A Clover Princess Tiara For Your Dolls

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Today I am celebrating St. Patrick's Day and my Irish Heritage with Stew and Soda Bread. But Before I put the Stew on and warm the oven I wanted to share with you an quick and easy St. Patrick's Day craft you can do for your dolls. To make your own Clover Princess Tiara for Your Dolls You will need:
-Four Green Pipe cleaners I used Kelly Green but any green would work
-Three Green Gem Stones or Stickers
-Hot Glue for adhering the gems to the tiara or glue dot

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and take the first pipe cleaner and form it into a circle as shown in the photo above. Set it aside.
Step 2- Take another pipe cleaner and form your first clover or shamrock shape, make a loop and twist the pipe cleaner into place. Twist another loop and twist it into place, and repeat on the third loop, you will have some pipe cleaner stem left at the bottom of the shape, you will use this to twist the clovers on to the round circle shape which will be the band of your tiara.
Step 3- Repeat step two on the remaining two pipe cleaners. Shape the round part of your clovers into a heart shape with your fingers giving them the look of a clover leaf.
Step 4- Once you have your Clovers or Shamrock shapes made it is time to twist the stems on to the tiara band. Start with the middle one and add a clover on either side, twist the stems around the tiara base.
Step 5-Heat up your glue gun or get a glue dot ready and in the center of each clover or shamrock shape press a gem stone.
Step 6- Once dried you can place your Clover Princess Tiara on your dolls head!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you have a wonderful St. Patrick's day! Today I used my Doll House Doll Ruby as the Clover Princess.
I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas with you soon~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

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