Friday, October 21, 2011

Pamper Your Pooch-Part 2-Dog Bone and Leash

This is a super easy craft. We are going to make some dog bones for Coconut and a leash to go on a  walk.

Supplies needed:
Thread or Hot Glue
Dark Marker
22" Piece of Ribbon

Dog Bones
Step 1) Draw a rectangle 1.5" x 2.5" for a small bone or 2" x 3" for a large bone.
Step 2) Draw a heart on each end of the rectangle, now draw two lines between the hearts. ( Look at picture below)
Step 3) Trace outside lines with a dark marker and you will now see the bone shape. This is your pattern. Cut out on dark line.
Step 4) Place your pattern on the felt, trace and cut out.
Step 5) Glue or sew around outside edge of bone leaving a small opening to stuff. Stuff your bone then sew or glue closed.
Your done - Now Coconut can enjoy a treat !

Click on picture to supersize it

Dog Leash

Step 1) On one end of your ribbon measure 1" in and fold there. Glue or stitch edge in place.
Step 2) On the other end measure in 2" , fold and stitch or glue.
Step 3) Put the big loop through the small one and you now have a loop to go around your pets neck. (see picture below)
Step 4) The big loop goes around your dolls hand and your done.

Click on picture to supersize it

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  1. That is so cool! I am trying that this weekend for sure! :)