Monday, November 12, 2012

Make It Monday- Stationary Set for Dolls

Make it Monday-November 12, 2012

Make a Stationary Desk Set for your dolls.
Today I wanted to show you an easy way to make a doll play set for your dolls. Even if you do not have a doll desk this easy Stationary Desk Set  works on a doll table or a box.

Create a desk mat with fun foam and  a folder with writing papers for your dolls complete with pencils and an address book using items you may already have on hand.

For today’s post you will need:
-fun foam cut to 8 inches by 6 inches
-tooth picks
-pink and black markers
-glue stick
-lid from a hair spray bottle

Step one- Create your desk mat by cutting out a piece of fun foam to 8 inches by 6 inches. I put sticker corners on mine using scrap book supplies, if you do not have these stickers then color your edges with a black marker.

Step 2- Create your pencils. If your toot pick is double pointed like mine snip off one point. Next color the end of the tooth pick pink this will be your pencils eraser. Next color the tip of your tooth pick with a black marker this will make it look like a real pencil!

Step 3- Use the lid of a hair spray bottle to hold your pencils as shown in the photo below

Step 4- Create a folder for your dolls stationary to be kept. Cut out a piece of paper that is 3 inches by 4 inches wide. Fold it in half then open it and fold the bottom up 1 inch as shown in the middle photo above. Close the folder to make sure you have your edges aligned. Place a sticker on the outside as decoration.

Step 5- Open your folder and fold the edges in on the sides as shown, glue them down.
Step 6- Fold and cut paper to fit inside the folder.

Step 7- add stickers to match the outside if desired. Make an address book by folding a piece of paper sizes 2 inches by 3 inches wide. Write address book on the outside and add another matching sticker.

To create doll frames for your desk use stickers from American Girl Crafts or images from the catalog.

Cut them out and glue onto card stock. Use a marker to outline the images and create a frame. Fold the bottom edge behind the image to help hold the “frame” up.

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft!~ By Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

*Doll room by American Doll Room
 Today I used my American Girl doll I call “Jillian”
Table and Chairs from AG Samantha’s Set


  1. This is such a cute idea for a snowy day project. Thanks for another great idea Karen !