Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Make it Monday came Tuesday ! American Girl 18" Doll Flapper Headbands Craft- So Cute :)

Another fun craft from Karen, due to the Holiday here I am posting it a day later..... enjoy !

Make it Monday May 27th 2013
Today’s craft is inspired by the roaring 1920’s and the New Movie The Great Gatsby. Using items I had in my craft box my friend and I had the most fun creating these Flapper Headbands for my dolls.

To create your own you will need:
-12 inches of sequin trim (we used elastic sequin trim)
- Feathers
-Glue Gun
-Your Doll

Step 1- Measure and cut your sequin to 12 inches
Step 2- Plug in your glue gun so it warms up. Choose your feathers, button and brad.
Step 3- Layer your feathers and glue them into place.

Step 4- Add a line of glue in the center at the 6 inch mark and gently press your feathers in place.

Step 5- Choose your button and open a brad for embellishment. Thread the prongs of the brad through the button holes and bend at the back.
Step 6- Add a dab of glue on the feathers and press the button into place, let it dry.

Step 7- Cut a piece of Velcro to 1/2 . On the right end of your sequin headband place a dab of glue on the shiny side and lay the back side of your Velcro on top of the glue. Press down gently.
Step 8- add a dab of glue to the inside of the opposite end of the headband, and press the back side of the remaining Velcro in to place. Let dry.

Step 9- Try your headband on your doll and enjoy!
I hope you enjoyed today’s Make it Monday Craft, I look forward to sharing more ideas with you soon ~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

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