Monday, July 8, 2013

Make It Monday- Poncho for Mini Dolls

 Daydream Doll Boutique- Make it Monday Poncho’s for the Mini dolls

For today’s Make It Monday craft I wanted to share with you my love of the American Girl Mini Dolls and a great beginning sewing craft you can do with your young doll lover. This craft also makes a great party or sleep over craft and can be used with a variety of smaller dolls.
To create your own Poncho’s for the Mini Dolls you will need:
-Felt squares cut to 4 1/2 inches (you can make them larger 6-8 inches for Barbie, Monster High etc just make sure you are working with a square)
-Mini buttons
-Sewing Needle
-*Pinking Shears
-Your Mini Doll

Step 1- Cut your felt to the size required for your doll, cut as many squares as you would like for ponchos
Step 2- Fold your felt into a triangle as shown in the photo above. Now make a 1inch angled snip at 2 inches and repeat on the other side. Remove the diamond shape you just cut and save it for another craft day!
Step 3- Try your poncho on your doll
Step 4- Embellish your poncho, place your button on the poncho where you would like it to be, then cut thread and thread your needle, double knotting the bottom with the two pieces of thread together and attach the button. Go through the holes at least 4 times and tie off in a knot at the back. Trim away the excess thread and put your needle down.

Step 5- Create a fringe edge if you wish by making ¾ of an inch snips all along your poncho’s edge.
Step 6- To create arm holes, fold your Poncho back into a triangle and at ½ an inch make a cut ½ inch long for arm holes for your dolls arms to go through on each side. When you are done your poncho should look like the photo in the top right corner in the photo above.

Step 7- Repeat steps 1-6 to create different looks for your dolls, try changing up the edges by using pinking shears or adding more than one button. Have fun making these mini doll Ponchos and I look forward to sharing more craft ideas with you soon~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

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