Monday, October 28, 2013

Make It Monday- Halloween Bat Hat Craft for 18" American Girl Dolls

 Make it Monday October 28- A Bat Hat

For today’s Make it Monday Post I wanted to share a fun and easy way to make a Bat Hat for your dolls.
To create your own today you will need:
-Black Felt
-Black Fun Foam
-White Fun Foam
-A Black Marker
-Hot Glue Gun with Glue
-A Side plate
-Your Doll

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies needed. Plug your glue gun in. Fold your felt in half like you would to make a greeting card. Place the plate on the felt so that the top of the plate touches the fold of your felt. Cut out your Hat shape.
Step 2- Cut out your wing shapes. I free hand cut mine from two pieces of black fun foam. So that they matched but you can have two different wings if you like!
Step 3- Cut out two white fun foam circles for the eyes and a small mouth if you would like.

Step 4- Use a black marker to make the pupils of your eyes.
Step 5- Run a line of glue along the round outside edge of one piece of your felt.
Step 6- Gently press your wings into place. Run more glue over the fun foam.
Step 7- Line up and press the other piece of black felt into place to make your hat.
Step 8- Glue your eyes into place and your mouth.
Step 9- Once it is dry place it on your dolls head and enjoy!
I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween. I look forward to sharing more crafts with you again soon.~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three


  1. I have sent a message on your other site, but haven't heard back and it's been a couple of weeks. I am wondering when your single beds will be available to ship again. Can I pre-order that item? Here is my contact info. Thanks in advance!

  2. Let me check with my supplier and I will email you. Thanks !