Monday, March 2, 2015

Make It Monday! Make A Fun Fringe Purse For Your Dolls!

Karen here and today I have a craft I hope you will love that is inspired by our Paint The Sky Outfit for 18 inch dolls. My doll Chrissa is modeling this fun outfit that looks great on all 18 inch dolls.
When my outfit arrived I was so excited and knew I wanted to make a matching purse to go with this outfit so for today's Make It Monday Post, I am sharing just how I made my doll a matching purse.

To make your own Fun Fringe Purse you will need:
Felt in Black, Light Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow
A Needle and Thread
A Button
Red Heart Yarn in a Coordinating Color
A Glue Gun

Step 1- Cut a piece of Black felt 9 inches by 3 inches wide.
Step 2- Cut a strip of 1 1/2 inch felt in each of your remaining colors and snip the bottom edges 3/4 of an inch all the way along
Step 3- Plug in your glue gun.
Step 4- fold your Black Felt  3 1/2 inches up and smooth along the bottom with your finger. Place a button in the center of the felt approximately 1 inch down from the edge. Thread your needle and  sew into place on only the one piece of felt.
Step 5- Run a line of glue along the bottom edge of your purse and press in the first frayed felt piece. Repeat on the remaining felt fringe pieces.
Step 6- Open your Black piece of felt and flip it button side down against your work surface. Place a dab of glue on the felt and fold the fringe edges over. You can trim them once your glue has set.
Step 7- Turn your felt back over and fold into the purse shape. Fold the flap down over the button as shown and use your scissors to create a button hole.  Put the button through the hole.
Step 8- To make the handle cut 12, 14 inch strands of yarn from your ball. Tie a knot on each end as shown in the photos above.
Step 9- With the knot ends peaking out of your doll purse glue the yarn into place on both sides. Allow to dry and your purse is ready for play!
Thank you for joining me for Make It Monday! To view and order your own Paint The Sky Outfit from our shop please click here.
~ By Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

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