Monday, October 26, 2015

Make It Monday- DIY Simple Doll Sized Halloween Costume

Karen here and this year my boys have been so creative with what they wanted to be and I am sharing my son Alex's costume in doll size. Alex wanted to be a Twister Board for Halloween and this costume is so easy to make and one I think you are going to love for your doll.
To make your own you will need:
-1 piece of white cardboard or paper
-Markers in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green
-A Pencil
-A Small Bottle to trace the circles with I used a bottle of fabric paint
-24 inches of ribbon
-A Ruler
Step 1- Cut a piece of cardboard or paper 10 inches by 6 inches
Step 2- Use a pencil and trace 4 rows of 6 circles
Step 3- Use your markers to color in the circles as shown in the photo above
Step 4- Use your red marker to write the word Twister at the bottom right and the top left.
Step 5- Cut your ribbon into two 12 inch pieces and tape one end of each on the back of your Twister Board
Step 6- Tie the ribbons behind your dolls neck and she is ready to trick or treat! Here is what my son Alex's costume looks like too!
Thank you for joining us for this Make It Monday Craft! We hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!
~ By Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three 


  1. I thought I would suggest for the Twister Costumes you could make the spin board as a HAT! Thanks for Sharing :)

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