Monday, November 23, 2015

Make It Monday! No Sew Holiday Cape Or Choir Costume

Karen here with today's Make It Monday Craft. My dollar store had the most amazing sparkle mini tree skirts that I knew would make the perfect holiday cape or choir costume with just a few easy snips! Today I want to show you how you can make your own for your dolls.
All you need to make your own is your doll, a pair of sharp scissors and a $2 mini tree skirt. My dollar store had these in so many colors the blue was stunning as well.

Step 1- Undo the plastic ties from the package and open your tree skirt.
Step 2- Undo the ribbon ties and place the tree skirt around your dolls neck.
Step 3- Re tie the ribbons then lay your doll down.
Step 4- Fold the skirt down around your dolls shoulders and use your fingers to measure a two inch piece of the skirt down from the shoulder and carefully cut a slit on each side for your dolls arm.
 Step 5- Slide your dolls hands through the slits and your cape or choir robe is ready. I paired my cape with a holiday dress that had a ruffle collar, you could just use a piece of dollar store lace and tie it in to place as well.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Make It Monday craft and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I look forward to sharing more doll play craft ideas with you again soon! By Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three

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