Monday, January 28, 2013

Make It Monday- Floral Heart Headband

Make it Monday January 28

Floral Heart Hair bands.
Today I wanted to show you an easy party craft that is very affordable. When I was in my local Dollar Store I found a package of 6 stretchy over sized hair elastics. They  were the perfect size for dolly hair bands! For under $3 you can create 6 amazing dolly hair bands that make great party favors or party crafts. My hair bands were priced at $1.25 for six.
To create your own Floral Heart Hair bands you will need:
-1 package of stretchy oversized elastics mine were made by Just Basic 6 in a package
-scrapbook embellishment flowers or artificial flowers with the centers removed
-a heart shaped bead or button
- a needle

Step 1- Assemble the items from the list above. Try the hair band on your doll to make sure it fits with ease.
Step 2- Layer your flowers as shown in the photos below and place the bead in the center. Thread your needle with the thread and double it, knotting it at the bottom. Push your needle through the flowers and through the center of the bead.

Step 3- Position your flower petals where you want them on the hair band. Then stitch into place. Make sure to stitch through the center of the hair band and then come back through the center a few times. When you have secured your flower petals to your hair band finish by tying a knot in the thread on the hair band underside.

Step 4- Try your new hair band on your doll. Repeat with the remaining supplies, and enjoy!
~By Karen Mom of Three

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