Friday, February 1, 2013

Ode to Caroline

My daughter had an  assignment in school to write an ode. And she decided to write it to Caroline . I thought it was so cute I had to share it....

Oh Caroline,                                         
When I saw your box,                                      
I was overjoyed.                                    
I ripped open your box                           
and pulled off your                                  
hair net.                                                 
Then all I                                               
saw was pure                                        
joy! I had                                                
no words to                                            
say, Except                                            
‘This is the                                             
doll of my dreams!”                                
Your beautiful
green eyes
caught my sight.
Your long gorgeous
blond curls blew in the 
wind. Your new
smell made tears 
come to my eyes.
Then, I loved your 
pretty pink dress
and matching  pink 

Once I opened 
your accessories
box. You just,
spoke to me
that you wanted 
me to put them on you.

So I did, and you
smiled the biggest
smile I had ever seen
you smile before.
It just made me 
feel so happy
to have
Caroline become
a part of my 
life. I really appreciate
my parents for
buying her for me.

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