Monday, February 11, 2013

Make It Monday- Heart Necklace

Make It Monday!
With Valentines Day coming up this week I thought it would be fun to show you how I made an easy necklace with a heart pendant for your own dolls using items you may have a home or can easily pick up at the dollar or craft store near you.
To make a necklace for your dolls you will need:
-small chain at least 6 inches long (I cut mine to 8 inches for the necklace shown) you can buy packages of chain at your dollar and craft stores for under $5
-3 small jump rings
-1 clasp
- a heart shaped charm (or any charm you would like)
-a pair of needle nose or jewellery pliers 
-Your Doll

Step 1- Measure the amount of chain you would like for your necklace, 6 inches for shorter, 8 for a necklace like the one shown in my photos. Use your pliers to make the cut.
Step 2- Open a Jump Ring and feed it through one of the chain links on one end, then close the ring with your pliers.
Step 3- Open another Jump ring and feed it through the clasp and then when the clasp is on the ring feed the ring through the chain on the other end of your necklace chain. Close with your pliers. As shown in the photos below.

Step 4- Open the third jump ring and  feed it through the top of your charm, then find the center of your necklace and feed it through one of the chain links. Close with your pliers.

Step 5- Put the necklace on your doll and enjoy! This craft makes a great party craft, party favor and gift. I hope you enjoyed today’s Make it Monday Post.
~Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three
*Today  I used my  Springfield Doll Madison as a model, wearing hand made clothing by my friend Betty.

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