Monday, June 17, 2013

Inspired By Pinterest- Whimsical Princess Crowns for 18" American Girl Dolls

So I saw this cute idea on Pinterest. They actually made it for little girls but I thought it would be perfect for a doll craft at a birthday party, summer crafts or anytime.

They are super easy and use items you might already have.

Supplies Needed:

Toilet Paper Rolls
Paint or markers
Embellishments such as sticky gems, feathers, stickers etc.
Stretchy elastic( I used sewing elastic I had bought from Hobby Lobby)

1) Cut your rolls in half.
2) Trace your shape you want and cut out.
3) Paint, I did two coats.
4) Decorate, and voila, your done !

On mine I used stickers and stick on gems and embellished with a marker.

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