Monday, June 10, 2013

Make It Monday - American Girl 18" Doll Ice Cream for Two Craft

 Make it Monday Ice Cream For Two

Today I wanted to show you an easy way to make two ice cream cones for your dolls.
To create your own you will need:
-Tan Felt for the cone
-Two Large Pompoms in whatever color you wish your ice cream flavor to be
-A Ruler
- Glue dots or Glue Gun
- *Seed beads for Sprinkles

Step 1- Use your ruler to measure from one corner of your felt 2 inches. Cut a straight line across your felt where the 2 inch mark is. You will now have a triangle.
Step 2- Cut your Triangle in half up the middle as shown in the photo above. You now will have two triangles; these will be your cones.
Step 3- Start rolling a cone shape as shown above, as you roll add a line of glue or use your glue dots to hold the cones shape.
Step 4- Trim the rim of your ice cream cone

Step 5- Place a line of glue inside your cone (or add more glue dots) and place your pompom scoop of ice cream into place. Let dry.

Step 6- If you wish your ice cream cone to have sprinkles use small colorful seed beads, add some glue to your pompom and sprinkle the seeds over the glue.
Step 7- Repeat Steps 3-6. Let dry, then place the ice cream cones in your dolls hands.
I hope you enjoyed today’s post I look forward to sharing more doll play crafts with you again soon.~ By Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three
Today I used my Maplelea Friend Doll I call Stacy.

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