Monday, September 3, 2012

Make it Monday-Hand Beaded Bracelets

Make it Monday

 Make a hand beaded bracelet for your doll for your collection or as a gift.

For today's Make it Monday post I will show you how to make an easy stretch hand beaded bracelet for your doll or to make as a gift for your dolls, friends or as party favors. These easy to make bracelets are a craft you can do at a party or with a group or enjoy on your own.

To make today's post you will need:
-16- 5 mm faux pearl plastic beads 
-1 5 mm bead of a different color -6 inches of stretch magic cord .7mm thick 
-clear nail polish -scissors
 -Your dolls arm to tie your bracelet around
 -A safety pin or sewing needle

Step 1- measure out 6 inches of cord and make a cut

Step 2- thread on to your cord the different color bead, move it to the center of your cord. If your beads do not thread easily onto the cord you may wish to use a pin or sewing needle to poke through the bead first. Step 3- bead 8 faux pearl beads on to one side of the colored bead
Step 4- bead 8 faux pearl beads on to the other side

Step 5- carefully wrap the beaded cord around your dolls wrist. Then tie the bracelet onto your dolls wrist. Make three knots on top of each other pulling tightly. Step 6-carefully remove the bracelet from your dolls wrist
Step 7- with the brush of your clear nail polish, paint clear nail polish over the knots you have just made. Let it dry Step 8- use your scissors to trim the remaining cord close to the knots on your bracelets. Your dolls bracelet is ready to wear.

I hope you enjoyed today's Make it Monday post and I look forward to sharing more doll crafts with you soon.~ By Karen Owen aka Karenmomofthree


  1. Cute! This is a great and easy craft to do for a party!

  2. Marla they really are easy and fun to make, the coupons from the craft stores really make these beads affordable.
    Many Etsy shops sell these for dolls but it is fun to make on your own.

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