Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Life as..... Walmart 18" Doll

I was in Walmart a little while ago and noticed they were redoing their 18" doll section. Their new line is My Life as....   and each doll comes in a different themed outfit.

The doll I picked out was a pretty ballerina. I really wanted to see how the quality differed from the AG doll.

I think she has a very pretty face. Her hair is also really gorgeous, but the strands are quite fine and thin and clumps of her hair have already started to shed. And that's with me playing with her.

Her body is the same as the old line. Plastic legs and arms and chest area, then a stuffed body. They are also still made by Madame Alexander.

Her eyes do open and close, but they don't quite close all the way ( little weird ). But not to bad.
I have named her Hayley and I am excited for her to be one of my new models.


Also new, they had some fun play sets. I picked out the baking set because my daughter loves to cook.
She set up these pictures for me with her doll Ashley.

It is a very cute set and comes with lots of pieces. I only wish it came with more cupcakes for the cupcake stand.

So over all I give their new line a thumbs up. They offer great play value at a good price.
Have a happy day :)


  1. That is a cute baking set, but I agree that it needs more cupcakes. How's a doll supposed to have a cupcake party with two cupcakes? The ML doll is cute. I like her face. Anyway my daughter has AG Emily. We didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars so we bought her some friends from Target--OG Katelyn and just recently NG Layla. I will say the the quality of the AG dolls is better than the other dolls that we have, especially the hair. We also have Emma by Springfield dolls from Michaels. Emma's hair is very thin, but I think that her vinyl body is similar to the AG Dolls. They have all held up well. And as far as play value goes, she enjoys playing with the others just as much as her AG doll. She likes the diversity of different faces, skin textures and hair. The American Girl dolls have cute faces, but there are only a handful of different faces.

  2. I purchased two second hand Madame Alexander dolls and I put wigs on them. While I made those two into boys, if any of the other brands of dolls hair gets too rough, a re-wig is easy. Most of them were a wig size 10-11. Measure with a tape measure and the inches around their head would indicate the wig size. I cut off as much of the hair as I could then I used a pair of clippers and shaved it close, I ended up using pliers to pull out all the roots so that I had a smooth surface to glue on. You can use Tacky glue, or E600. Watch Stephenswodadancer's You tube channel to see how to re-wig a doll. Kemper doll has some less expensive wigs that are far better that the hair that comes on the less expensive dolls. The hair is called saran and it is literally the same as fine strands of saran wrap. American girls wigs, (and human sized synthetic wigs) are Kanekalon.

    1. Thanks for the info on re-wigging. It sounds doable. I've never thought of re-wigging.

  3. I love the idea of putting a wig on a doll with rooted hair. Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

  4. I purchased 4 or 6 cupcakes in a bag from my local Family Dollar store! Check them out! Super darling!

  5. I have the blonde ballerina and the baking set, I just made more cupcakes out of clay and I also use food shaped erasers, now my cupcake stand is filled up :)

  6. I'd love to see a closeup of the cupcakes. They look nicer than the Target ones. I had been eying that set for a while but now I may have to look into Walmart's.

  7. Does this doll have a name? How would I find her in 2016? She's so adorable!

  8. Does this doll have a name? How would I find her in 2016? She's so adorable!