Monday, September 14, 2015

Make It Monday! No Sew Fall Apron!

Karen here and today I wanted to share with you an easy doll craft, a no sew apron for fall!
Using items you may already have on hand you can create these little aprons for your dolls or as a party craft!
To make your own aprons you will need:
-Ribbon (4 strips cut to 11 inches)
-A Marker
-A Small Flower or Leaf for decoration
-Buttons for decoration
-A Glue Gun and Glue Sticks.

Step 1- Fold your felt in half length wise and cut up the center fold. One piece of felt will give you two aprons! Plug in your glue gun.
Step 2- Fold that felt in half length wise again and use a marker to mark where you will cut. Start one inch from the open ends and draw a curved line down three inches. Cut out what you have marked as shown in the photo above and open your apron and lay it flat.
Step 3- Fold up the bottom edge of your apron up 2 1/2 inches and use your hand to make a line.
Step 4- Use your glue gun to run a line of glue along the open sides of the fold you just made. Gently press the felt together. Allowing it to dry and cool. This creates the front pocket of your apron.
Step 5- Turn your apron over. If you have not yet cut your ribbon cut 4 pieces to 11 inches.
Step 6- Add a dab of glue on each side of the back of the apron pocket and press one ribbon end into each dab of glue.
Step 7 - Add more glue at the top at the corners and press in the remaining two pieces of ribbon. Allow it to dry and turn it over.
Step 8- Add your flower or leaf embellishment. Attach with glue and decorate with a button as I did.
Now your apron is ready for your dolls to wear!

I look forward to sharing more doll crafts with you again on our next Make It Monday!~ Karen Owen aka Karen Mom of Three 

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