Monday, September 28, 2015

Make It Monday! Paint Your Own Witch Hat!

Karen here and today I am sharing an easy craft you can make for your doll. At my local craft store I bought a cardboard paper mache your own you will need:
-1 Paper Mache Witches Hat
-black paint
-paint brush
-Halloween stickers
-Optional Recycled Bow

Step 1-Assemble all your supplies and remove the sticker from the bottom of the hat.
Step 2- Paint the outside of your hat from brim to tip and allow it to dry.
Step 3- Turn your hat over and paint the bottom of the hat and touch up any patches that need it on the hat.
Step 4- Once your hat is dry add your Halloween stickers and if you would like a bow. 
Your hat is now ready for your doll to wear!

My Ruthie is wearing the Candy Corn Witch Costume that is available in the Daydream Doll Boutique Store by clicking here.

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